*this term was reclaimed from a truscum, and its name was changed because it was ableist.*

circum is latin for ‘around’ or ‘in a circle’ meaning that our gender is a circle that goes around, for example; from cafab to feeling like you should have been born camab to transition to female. 

circumgirl - someone who identifies as a trans woman but was cafab

circumboy - someone who identifies as a trans man but was camab

circumgender - anyone who identifies as trans but was assigned “cis” at birth

circumgirls identify as someone who is transitioning from male to female and we believe that we should have been born male so that we could be trans women and vise versa for circumoys.

this means that we are not cis and should not be identified as such. we are trans! we do not agree with our gender assigned at birth and we should have been assigned a different gender so that we could identify as trans. 

i also need a new flag for this gender since i dont want the flag to be associated with truscum :/

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding.


"I want to be able to call myself trans so I can act like an authority on trans stuff, but I’m not, so I’ll make up this bullshit."




imagine being in ravenclaw and going back to your common room  stumbling drunk in the middle of the night after a magical night of partying and having to answer a fucking riddle in order to get in your own goddamn bedroom

"what gets wetter and wetter the more it dries"
"your mom eeyyyyyyy"

youd need a designated answerer instead of driver

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